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There is only one loco of this class in Tasmania, numbered DC4588. Originally built by General Motors in Canada in 1964 for the New Zealand Railways as DA1489, this loco was rebuilt by Clyde Engineering in Australia during 1980 and became DC4588. This locomotive arrived in Tasmania late in 1998 and was intended to provide another driver-only capable locomotive as only five DQ class were available for the planed three sets of locomotives. In service the loco was un-popular due to its non standard nature, low tractive effort (having only four powered axles) and small fuel tank. The arrival of more DQ and later D class saw the DC more commonly used on services such as ballast trains and the coal train, rather than long distance intermodal services.

This locomotive has been out of service since October 2002 with serious motor problems. Work had commenced on rebuilding and reactivating the locomotive, but this ceased part way through the process and the loco returned to storage, still carrying its faded Tranz Rail blue livery.

As the locomotive was non standard and incomplete, the required money was never spent to return the unit to service, and it was sold for scrap in mid 2011


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