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Drivers position of QR2102 for running long hood leading (in this case the seat would be rotated 180

Three QR class locos were shipped to Tasmania in 1998 to accompany the second batch of DQ class locomotives. These three locomotives are numbered QR2056, QR2062 and QR2102, and are all painted in the then standard Tranz Rail (New Zealand Railways) colour scheme of blue and yellow. They were originally Queensland Railways 1460 class locomotives, and were sold to Tranz Rail and shipped to New Zealand in 1997. Here they were repainted, and a number of minor modifications applied, before being used as middle units in New Zealand. As well as the locos sent to Tasmania in their unmodified form, others were rebuilt to DQ class, whilst the remainder were eventually withdrawn and stored/sold in New Zealand.

They could not be used as lead units due to lack of radio and other equipment, and operated between MKA, ZR, D, DQ or DC locomotives. A few instances of QR class being driven from have been recorded, mostly for yard shunting, and light engine transfers. The locos were finally withdrawn from service on varying dates between 2002 and 2009, often having spent periods stored before being reactivated again temporarily. In the end, only QR2062 remained in active service, generally on the Melba Line, but later occasionally on South Line services to/from Hobart.

Various proposals had been put forward, including converting these locos to additional DQ class, but with the change in ownership of the railways, the locos were all finally scrapped in 2012 having spent their last years as parts donors for the DQ class.


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Drivers position of QR2102 for running long hood leading (in this case the seat would be rotated 180
Still bearing the name of its previous owner Tranz Rail, QR2102 undergoes commissioning work at East
QR2062 basks in the winter sun at Hobart yard, July 2003
QR2102 was withdrawn in 2002 with engine damage, and has been stored since then at East Tamar. In Ja
QR2056 departs Hobart as middle loco on train 436, March 2005
A grubby QR2056 rests in Hobart between runs, August 2005
A derailment on the North-West coast resulted in QR2062 making an unusual trip to Hobart on 25 Janua
Shortly before its withdrawal, a grubby QR2062 departs from Hobart yard between a D and an MKA locom
Having given up its bogies to keep the DQ class active, stored QR2056 sits on workshop bogies in the


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