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ZB Class

Sixteen 2350 and 2370 class locomotives were built from 1973 for coal haulage on the Queensland Railways, the major differences in the two classes being a single driving position in the later group of four locos. Following mainline electrification in Queensland the locomotives became surplus to requirements and were sold to AN and gradually shipped to Tasmania in 1987 and 1988. They were then classed ZB, and renumbered in the same order as their original Queensland numbers (see table below). In Tasmanian service, the ZB class displaced most of the remaining 830 classand any remaining mainline vacuum braked services. They were able to be used in multiple with the older ZC class when these locomotives were purchased from Queensland. Whilst high powered and generally well performing, the ZB class became a victim of the reduction in maintenance in the dying days of AN, and the anti-EE bias of the new private ownership, and the locos received minimal maintenance and their usage curtailed. Despite this, many consider their finest hours being toward the end of the AN era when four loco regularly hauled 70 wagons north from Hobart of an evening.

Some locomotives ran in the Queensland blue and white colours for up to five years before being repainted in the AN colour scheme (generally green and yellow, although ZB12 received the reversed Yellow and green livery). Three locos have been written off and scrapped due to accident damage, while ZB9 and ZB6 have been rebuilt to ZR/ZP class. In late 2002, three operational locos and one non-operational loco were sold to South Spur Rail in Perth, Western Australia. Locos 2120, 2125 and 2129 we shipped shipped to Perth at a rate of one per month in early 2003, while 2124 was purchased for parts and was stripped and scrapped in Tasmania in April 2004.

ZB12 was experimentally painted yellow in 1992, with the remaining serviceable locomotives at the time being repainted yellow from late 1996. During 1998, locos 2122 and 2123 were modified to allow the loco to be driven in either direction for single unit operation. From June 1998, all operational ZB locomotives were renumbered to the 2120 series. The remaining stored/stripped locos were scrapped in 2011 and 2012, leaving three operational (2122, 2123 and 2128) and one stored locomotive (2121) in Tasrail ownership. They were mainly used on ballast trains and as shunt locos at East Tamar and Boyer until withdrawal in the first half of 2014 prior to disposal.


Other identities

Previous IdentityClass & NumberATN NumberPost Identity
2350 ZB12120  
2351 ZB22121  
2352 ZB32122  
2353 ZB4  
2354 ZB52123  
2355 ZB6 ZR2 
2356 ZB7  
2357 ZB82124  
2358 ZB9 ZR1 
2359 ZB102125  
2360 ZB11  
2361 ZB122126  
2370 ZB132127  
2371 ZB142128  
2372 ZB152129  
2373 ZB16  

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