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D2020 - ZR2101 - DQ2011 & train #332 at Bridgewater, October 2004

Following the rebuilding of former Tasrail ZC class locomotives by Morrison Knudsen Australia (see MKA class), the AN workshops at Port Augusta took on the task of rebuilding a Tasrail ZB class loco. Locomotive ZB9 (ex Queensland Rail 2358) was withdrawn after a major fire in early 1994 and six months later was shipped to Australian National's Port Augusta workshops in South Australia for rebuilding. Early in 1996 it arrived back in Tasmania complete, but not tested as it was desired to display the loco at an workshops open day to celebrate 125 years or railways in Tasmania. In service ZR1 initially suffered many problems, spending more time in the workshops than on the main line. Being the only loco of its type and having been rewired to operate on a lower voltage meant that ZR1 could not run in multiple with other Tasrail locomotives, restricting its use to where turning facilities existed. These were few, so ZR1 saw little use over the first year.

Conversion of a second locomotive (ex ZB6 / Queensland Rail 2355) was completed in July 1997 by the Tasrail Workshops at East Tamar in Launceston. This locomotive differed from ZR1 in several respects, most noticeably in a more conventional cab design and specifically in the type of train brake equipment used. The new locomotive was numbered ZR2. Once testing of the new loco, and the locomotives as a pair was completed, they went into service on the demanding Paper Train roster, running between Burnie to Boyer almost continuously. To more clearly distinguish the two locomotives ZR1 was renumbered ZP1 in early August 1997. There have not been any further locos rebuilt to this class. ZR2 was named Audrey Mills, in recognition of the long term that Ms Mills served as Tasmanian representative on the ANR Commission.

In June 1998, ZP1 was renumbered 2100, and ZR2 was renumbered to 2101. During October 1999, the braking system on these two locomotives was modified to allow multiple-unit operation with D, DQ and QR type locomotives with which they are now pooled for general operation. ZR2 was repainted into Pacific National livery in October 2004, but this loco has spent large amounts of this time out of service due to bogie problems although these were rectified and the loco returned to regular service in mid 2010.

Both locomotives were withdrawn from service in mid 2014 following the delivery of the new TR class locomotives.


Other identities

Previous IdentityClass & NumberATN NumberPost Identity
ZB9 ZP12100  
ZB6 ZR22101  

Class photos, sounds and video

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After an engine room fire three months earlier, a decrepit looking ZB9 sits on workshops bogies  in
Prior to the full-scale rebuild to ZR2, the relatively intact remains of ZB6 are shunted around East
Newly completed ZR1 is displayed to the public at an open day at the East Tamar Workshops, April 199
After the streamlined cab of ZR1, the locally constructed cab for ZR2 was more conventional in desig
The distinctive slope of ZR1's cab is illustrated in this view, as is the commemorative markings to
An overall view of the then little used ZR1, showing the modified ZB long hood and new cab, July 199
Almost brand new ZR2 waits to depart on a test run, July 1997
ZR2 outside East Tamar Junction Workshops. July 1997
ZP1 and ZR2 on a southbound paper train at Tea Tree. October 1997
2100 leads 2101 and train 631 across the Longford viaduct in December 1998
In July 2001, ZR2100 and DQ2006 was seen leading train number 46 coal train at Evandale, and then sh
This video includes three clips taken in early 2002. Firstly, on 17 January 2002, ZR2101, QR2102 and
ZR2100, QR2062 and DQ2011 lead train 36 into Bridgewater station and then away from Brighton on 25 F
ZR2100, DQ2009 and DQ2003 lead train 36 past Gould's Lagoon near Granton, and then across Weily Park
ZR2100 and DQ2012 lead lunchtime train 66 near Chigwell on 12 January 2003, then ZR2100, DQ2005 and
ZR2101 sits in Hobart yard, July 2003
Train #166 at Bridgewater with locos ZR2101 - QR2056 - DQ2001 - Z2113 - ZA2117
D2020 - ZR2101 - DQ2011 & train #332 at Bridgewater, October 2004
D2020 - ZR2101 - DQ2011 & train #332 at Brighton, October 2004
On one of its first trip leading a train since repainting in Pacific National blue, ZR2101 leads DQ2
ZR2100 waits in Hobart for the departure of the evening goods train, January 2005
A grubby ZR2101 with PN standard blue number waits for departure on Train #36 from Hobart. March 200
ZR2101 sits by itself between train in Hobart yard, November 2011
ZR2101 - ZP2100 head east through Avoca with a very late running empty coal train on 20 June 2006, w
The grazing sheep appear to be unimpressed by the passage of locos 2100 and 2020 as empty paper trai
ZR2100 and MKA2137 shunt Hobart yard, January 2009
After having brought train 632 from Boyer to Tea Tree, the Hobart-based crew leave Tea Tree loop wit
ZR2101 - MKA2137 - MKA2131 - DQ2009 lead southbound empty paper-train 331 near Rekuna, October 2010
Reconditioned English Electric 12CSVT MkIII motor, main generator and turbocharger fitted to ZR2100
Builders plate fitted inside the cab of ZR1 / 2100. October 2010
Fresh from its repaint and upgrading, and clean for the first time in many years, ZR2100 waits in Ho
Freshly repainted 2100 is centre loco on a late running train 635, as it runs through Glenorchy on t
ZR2101 leads train #635 at Granton, January 2014


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