On the afternoon of 7 December 2001, a friend and I followed train 54 from Launceston to Tonganah in Tasmanian's North East. The train consisted of ZC locomotives 2145 and 2144, hauling a loaded log wagon, a loaded container wagon and three empty container wagons. The return journey had four loaded container wagons and two loaded log wagons

This compilation shows the train passing over a level crossing near Lilydale, then near Bacala, passing through the old station areas at Lebrina and Golconda, near Lietinna and from the other side of the valley, the train is seen climbing the grade as it nears Scottsdale. At the sawmill at Ling Siding, the train paused for a few minutes before departing (the train would shunt here later in the day). The train is then seen arriving at Tonganah, and having run around the train (not pictured), pushing into the mill. The final shot is arriving into Scottsdale on the return journey
Photographer: Stuart Dix

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