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ABT Number 1 waits at Dubbil Barril station prior to departure up the 1:20 grade towards Queenstown, October 2003. Stuart Dix

The West Coast Wilderness Railway is the name given to the publicly funded reconstruction of the railway line from Queenstown to Strahan on Tasmania's west coast.

After a period closed for maintenance work, the full line will reopen in December 2014 with a new timetable.

The Summer 2015 timetable includes services from Regatta Point (Strahan) each weekday, and services from Queenstown on Wednesday through to Sunday. These are a mix of half day and full day trip, and where possible all trains are steam hauled.

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Locomotive No.3 heads a short Rinadeena bound service through Queenstown, then South Queenstown and
In October 2003, West Coast Wilderness Railway locomotive D2 (formerly TGR V13) leads the return jou
On 24 October 2003, Locomotive No.1 leads the afternoon train through South Queenstown, then two day
West Coast Wilderness Railway loco D2 at Lower Landing station. October 2003
Loco No.1 at Dubbil Barril, October 2003
Diesel loco D1 (formerly EBR 22) waits at Regatta Point prior to departure, February 2005
Abt loco No.1 and train pass through South Queenstown, February 2006
Abt loco No1 is turned on the Queenstown turntable, February 2006
Various locomotives and wagons wait their next turn of duty outside the workshops in Queenstown, Dec
Locos No. 1 and No. 3 stand outside the workshops in Queenstown, December 2010
Loco No. 3 and carriage O 18 sit side by side in the workshops building at Queenstown, November 2014
No. 1 and train approach Queenstown station at the end of its trip from Dubbil Barril. November 2014
No. 1 and train sit in Queenstown station at the end of its trip from Dubbil Barril. November 2014
No. 1 was photographed being turned at Queenstown following its arrival back from Dubbil Barril. Nov
No. 3 is turned at Queenstown the end of its run for the day, February 2015

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