Exhibit - Tram 141

Hobart Municipal Tramways tram number 141 was built in 1952, and was the second last tram built for the Hobart system. It ran for just eight years before the system closed in 1960, following which all the trams were disposed of. Tram 141 was donated complete by the Metropolitan Transport Trust to the museum. For many years the tram was stored in the Hobart railway roundhouse until it was moved by rail to the museum site in April 1979.

Although the tram is operational, the museum has no overhead wires erected and the tram is on static display only.

Hobart Municipal Tramways bogie tram No.133 is seen in Elizabeth Street, departing from the terminus
Tram 141 stored in the Hobart roundhouse, sometime in the early 1970s
Tram 141 at the museum on a special open day, November 1991
The interior of tram 141
Tram 141 on a rare outing outside, October 2010
Tram 141 on a rare outing outside, October 2010
Tram 141 on a rare outing outside, October 2010
Trams 141 and 46 undergo maintenance at the museum, October 2010
A mercury arc rectifier powering vehicle lights on a special occasion, October 2010
The Tasmanian Transport Museum has two mercury arc rectifier units. One non-operational unit is on d

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