Exhibit - Private owner busses

The museum has three private owner busses in the collection.

Our AEC Reliance was built in 1956 for the airline TAA and used for City to Airport services. This vehicle was modified with an offside door for use in Launceston's one way streets. It was then sold to Cooks Coaches and used in the greater Hobart area. In 2005 the museum completed restoration of the bus back to its original paint scheme.

The side loader bus was assembled locally on a 1942 Chevrolet chassis. It was operated by Wise's Coaches from Hobart to Bothwell until it was acquired by the museum in the late 1970s. The bus is currently undergoing restoration.

Ace Bus Service No 18 comprises a Freighter body on a Hino chassis. It was the first production bus to be built with a Hino chassis in Australia. It was used by ACE until the late 1990s when it was stored. The bus was donated to the society by the Creswell family in 2006 following the sale of the company. In 2015, to celebrate 50 years in Australia, Hino produced a short promotional video about the bus and performed some mechanical work on vehicle.

Chevrolet powered side loader bus undergoing restoration at the museum, January 2005
The societies ex TAA AEC Reliance bus on display at the museum after restoration
ACE Bus Service's No.18 at their Berriedale depot prior to preservation by the society
The Chevrolet Side Loader bus during exhibit relocation at the museum, August 2006
The Chevrolet Side Loader bus during exhibit relocation at the museum, August 2006
Ace Bus Service No. 18 at the museum on the day of its official donation
In October 2015 the Chevrolet side loader bus was relocated to another part of the museum to allow f
Restoration of the society's Chevrolet side loader bus continues, with painting and body work been c

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