Exhibit - E Vans

Photo: Tony Parnell
Photo: Tony Parnell

The museum owns four E class vans of three designs. The two former TGR vans, E195 and E242, are representative of the later more modern wooden vans built by the TGR, while E11 was an EBR van of similar design. These three vans, which were used for general freight, are mounted on a fixed, 4 wheeled underframe and are operational for demonstration goods trains, although normally used for general storage.

A fourth van, E+10, has an interesting history. It was built for the Tasmanian Main Line Railway Company in 1876 as a sheep wagon, originally being coded either I+8 or I+9. In about 1920, horizontal planked sides were added over the original steel barred sides, creating a covered van now bearing the code E+10, and in this form the van ran on the isolated Bellerive to Sorell line. This makes this van noticeably different to the other vans which are vertically planked. At present the body of this van is awaiting fitting of an underframe.

Ex Tasmanian Government Railways van E195 at the museum, April 2003
Ex Emu Bay Railway covered van E11 during shunting moves at the museum, December 2006

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