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Built in 1952 by Robert Stephenson and Hawthorn of Darlington, England, M5 entered service on 26 May 1952 and spent much of its life working trains in northern Tasmania. Due to the prior introduction of the X class diesel-electric locomotives, the M class were never allowed to reach their full potential, with steam locomotives hauling progressively fewer trains over time. Despite this, M5 lasted in service until 1971, mainly hauling suburban and special passenger trains.

Following the 1971 TGR centenary celebrations, when six of the ten M/MA class locomotives were operational, M5 was towed to Hobart and stored. In 1974 it was written off and donated to the Tasmanian Transport Museum Society, arriving at the museum in 1976, where it was cosmetically restored.

Following over 10 years of museum display, work commenced on restoration to working order. On 15 July 1995 M5 moved under its own power for the first time in 24 years. Since then, M5 has made many appearances on both main line trips and steam days on the museum site. Most longer distance trips have been within the Hobart suburban area, although trips to Launceston, New Norfolk, Parattah and Colebrook have also been run, as well as numerous on site running days

TGR outline diagram for M class locos (L24)
M5 on a tour train at Hobart station, 1967
Whilst in the final months of TGR ownership, M5 is pictured stored in Hobart yard, May 1974
MA2 and M5 perform a photostop at Relbia (near Launceston) with a combined train of Don River Railwa
Tasmanian Transport Museum's steam loco M5 approaching Hobart yard. 21 November 2001
Tasmanian Transport Museum locomotive M5 on a charter at Colebrook, July 2002
The Tasmanian Transport Museum's locomotive M5 leads a charter train consisting of museum carriages
On 3 November 2002, the Tasmanian Transport Museum ran a charter train from Glenorchy to Westerway a
Tasmanian Transport Museum locomotive M5 rests at National Park after arrival with a charter train,
Tasmanian Transport Museum's loco M5 heads a Derwent Valley Railway charter train at Granton, Octobe
Hauling a train for the Derwent Valley Railway, M5 approaches Hayes, October 2004
Loco M5 and vintage carriages in operation at the museum, December 2004
Having been split from its tender and turned, the front part of M5 waits for its next move around th
Tender 67, most recently paired to loco M5, waits to be reunited with its locomotive unit, July 2005
An unusual photo of the smokebox of M5 after removal of the baffle plates.
Prior to running into the roundhouse and being stabled for the day, the boiler of M5 is blown down o
With usual locomotive C22 undergoing its boiler inspection, M5 was used on the regular Sunday runnin
During October 2013, the museum was used as a venue for filming a number of scenes for a film adapta

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