Exhibit - Ballast Wagon - QG17

Photo: Stuart Dix
Photo: Stuart Dix

The wagon QG17 is an example of the ultimate development of the four wheeled wagon on the TGR. This long wheel-base wagon is fitted with Grover Bogies and full vacuum brake equipment.

Delivered to the museum in 1989, it continued to fulfil its original role as a ballast wagon when trackwork was carried out at the museum. In 2011 it was leased to the West Coast Wilderness Railway where it is currently in operation

Ballast wagon QG 17 waits until it is required for use again, January 2009
QG17 waits for its next use at the museum, May 2011
In 2011, ballast wagon QG17 was leased to the West Coast Wilderness Railway to assist with their tra

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