Exhibit - Wolseley 18/85

As the last section of the Murchison Highway linking Burnie to the West Coast was not opened until 1963, the Manager of the EZ Company’s mine had a 1947 Wolseley car converted to run on rails for his conveyance between Rosebery and Guildford.

The vehicle was donated to the society in 1972 and was eventually restored to display condition by panel beating students at Hobart TAFE College. In 1996 it was taken to Burnie for display as part of the EBR centenary celebrations. Mechanical and electrical work was carried out by members and friends of the society in the early 2000s and the vehicle tested in-situ.

During October 2014 the vehicle was relocated to another display area, and during this process the opportunity was taken to make a few runs along the museum track and ensure its satisfactory operation

Having been removed from the roundhouse annexe, where it had spent the last 30 years on display, the
The front seats of the vehicle showing the obvious omission of the steering wheel, which would usual
In October 2014 the former EZ Company’s Wolseley rail car was relocated to a new display are at th
The Wolseley railcar on display at the museum in February 2015

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