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Y4 at Tea Tree, 8 June 2000. Photo: Michael Dix
Y4 at Tea Tree, 8 June 2000. Photo: Michael Dix

When Y4 entered service in 1964, it was named Rowallan after Lord Rowallan, who had just finished his term as the Governor of Tasmania. Built by the TGR at their Launceston Workshops to a standard English Electric design, the Y class used traction equipment imported from the English Electric Company.

Stored in Launceston since November 1989, Y4 was in a poor state when offered to the TTMS in 1994. The locomotive was towed to Hobart and placed in the workshops shed where restoration commenced. All broken glass was removed, repairs were carried out and missing parts were slowly refitted, and Y4 was again operational. Initially only on loan from Tasrail, Y4 was later purchased by the museum.

On 3 April 1996 Y4 ran light engine from Hobart to Glenorchy, where it passed over a newly installed crossover and onto museum track. Over the next four years restoration, particularly of the body, continued until June 2000, when Y4 again rolled onto the mainline, now complete, in gleaming TGR Red livery. Since then, as well as on site operation, the loco has made a number of mainline trips as far away as Launceston and Devonport, including 3 months on hire to the Don River Railway, and trips operated by the Derwent Valley Railway from Hobart.

TGR outline diagram for Y class locos (L28)
Y4 and Y6 at Conara Junction, prepare to run 173 empty coal to Fingal. November 1986
Y4 underwent initial restoration work in Hobart yard before being transferred to the Tasmanian Trans
Tasmanian Transport Museum locomotive Y4 leads Derwent Valley Railway's Y2 and train between Derwent
The Tasmanian Transport Museum's locomotive Y4 spent much of 2002 and the first half of 2003 on hire
TTMS loco Y4 hauls a Parattah-Launceston train for the Don River Railway into Ross. March 2003
Tasmanian Transport Museum loco Y4 was towed north on train #636 to commence a period on hire to the
Tasmanian Transport Museum's loco Y4 heads a charter train between Colebrook and Campania, December
Locomotive Y4 at the Tasmanian Transport Museum, November 2004
Y4 and X1 outside for special display, April 2006
The Tasmanian Transport Museum Society's loco Y4 was hired to Pacific National on 3 November 2006 to
Museum locomotives Y4 and X operate in multiple as part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary
Museum locomotives X1 and Y4 operate in multiple as part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversar
As part of a special group visit, departs the yard past the photographers, December 2012
In December 2012 the museum hosted a group of British enthusiasts. Locos Y4 and X1 were in operation
In December 2012 a group of British tourists visited the museum to ride behind and photograph our di

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