Exhibit - ZS 1

This wagon started life as CC 133 and in 1979 was modified to transport locomotive sand from the old Launceston Workshops to Hobart loco depot. These modifications included the fitting of Roller Bearing passenger bogies from an EEP van, three C1D cement containers, discharge piping, and automatic couplers, as well as recoding to SC 1 and painting yellow.

The wagon spent much of its life sitting by the sand shed in Hobart yard, interrupted by the occasional jaunt to Launceston for refilling, before being withdrawn and stored around 1996. During its life, the wagons had been recoded to ZS 1 (in line with the National rolling stock coding standards), as well as receiving more modification including the replacement of some door panels with wire mesh and modifications to the unloading equipment.

With PN resurrecting its scrapping program of stored rolling stock, the opportunity was taken in 2006 to save this vehicle before it was too late, although it was undecided as to whether it would be for preservation or for parts. Although initially stored and not on display, the wagon was moved to the public area of the museum in 2012 where it was used as part of an exercise during an international fire fighting and rescue conference. It has since been used by local fire and rescue personnel for training on a number of occasions.

Final adjustments are made to the positioning of the truck, before ZS 1 is slowly rolled down toward
ZS 1 after arrival at the museum. 27 June 2006

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